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Your Digital Advertising Company and Your Business’s Future

Your digital advertising company and your business’s future are very closely linked in this age of electronic communication. Digital advertising and marketing is steadily growing and is poised to be the central medium of communication in years to come. Digital Advertising grew by 8.5% in India in the year 2010. The growth that follows in the coming years will witness increased percentages as Internet penetration will increase in India and more and more users and businesses will have access to the Internet. 

The psyche of the Indian consumer is changing. The conventional barriers that prevented him from using the Internet as a medium to make decisions and choices, and ultimately purchase goods and services are steadily breaking apart. 
As such, it is extremely important for your business to team up with a digital advertising and marketing company.

Marmalade is the Digital Advertising and Marketing arm of Innobella Marketing and Entertainment Solutions Private Limited. We are a company which possesses a very deep understanding of the functioning of digital advertising and marketing. Our holistic understanding of the medium is ably supported by two other teams – Strategic Inputs Team and a Creative Team. 

The Technical team provides the scope of action to the strategic team. The strategic team works on marketing strategies; studying competition, positioning your product, counter-balancing competitive thrusts and selecting avenues where your product or service can be displayed.

The Creative Team lends voice, colour and soul to the strategic marketing communication, thereby making it extremely seductive in its appeal and ensuring brand recall and eventually an increase in the sales of your product or service.

The teams work in a closely knitted fashion to ultimately meet the objective.

At Marmalade, we are driven by a desire to provide solutions for any of your needs. We surmount, circumvent, drill through or fly over obstacles to solve problems.

It is this attitude that makes us stand out among other Digital Advertising companies and helps us become your chosen partner in business.

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Creating Effective Digital Advertising Plans

Digital advertising is a sub-set of Internet marketing and follows pretty much the same rules that conventional advertising follows.

Creating an effective digital advertising plan entails you to follow a few simple steps
Website Development: It is almost a given for any enterprise to have a presence on the Web. Your website should communicate all relevant information about your enterprise in a simple and concise manner. Testimonials, client lists, photographs, case-studies, details of experience in your given field, provisions to communicate with your enterprise, links to social media are some of the essential components of website creation in today’s time and age. Your website should also be Search Engine Optimised (SEO) for it to be easily tracked by consumers using search engines such as Google.

Differentiate: Before you decide to advertise your product digitally, it is imperative that you differentiate it from other products/services in the same category. Differentiation means discovering or creating a tangible/intangible benefit for your product or service. This would necessitate studying what your competitors are offering and consequently offering a benefit your consumer would want and which your competitors are not providing. For example, if you are in the business of training personnel for corporates, you could differentiate your service by stating that you are recognised by leading educational institutes over the world and your training is superior to what your competitors provide.

Target Group: Let your advertising appeal to your target group. This would require you to study your Target Group, its behaviour, buying patterns, location, lifestyle, ideologies etc. Several companies waste valuable money by appealing to the entire audience and not making distinctions. If you concentrate your communication to your specified Target Group, then with a product/service that they need, want or desire, your chances of success are greatly enhanced.

Media Mix: As an entrepreneur, it is imperative for you to know which websites, social forums, blogs, communities or other web spaces your Target Group visits regularly. Based on this information, you can choose the right Media Mix. A Media Mix or Integrated Media usage is an operation that involves using the right mix of media elements to effectively reach and communicate your message. So, if your consumers visit website x, blog y, social forum z, you can concentrate on advertising your messages in these places.

Timing: Timing is another crucial component of your Advertising Plan. If your market study shows that there is an increased chance of consumers willing to buy products at a certain time or in a certain period, then you should communicate your message at this chosen time. This will significantly boost sales.

Completing the Communication Circle: Once you have prepared your creative message, differentiated your product and selected the right media mix, you can start obtaining feedback from your consumers. This can be done through various means. You can observe and note what your consumers are speaking about your product/service on public forums, social media sites and blogs, and through the forms that you may make available for them for their feedback on your website or other spaces in the web. This is a very important step in creation of an effective Digital Advertising Plan as it helps you shape your product more and more according to the needs and wants of the consumer.
The above steps make the core of an effective Digital Advertising Plan. However, planning covers a larger breadth and its scope is much deeper. If you wish to advertise your business digitally, visit and contact us. Marmalade is a digital advertising agency having the required expertise to successfully advertise your product/service on the digital medium and help you meet your marketing objectives.